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    • https://www.instagram.com/p/Cd9hz7XNe91/  
    • I wish I knew because I would be buying one as well. Eterna made some really great watches but didn't seem to get the attention they deserved.
    • Sorry, I don't have any of these for sale. Pretty amazing deal though 3 years ago.
    • Information from CW: Christopher Ward has announced that it's removing the company name of its dials. From the new Aquitaine Collection onwards, its watches will carry the 'twin-flags' logo only. CEO and co-founder Mike France, said: "Our twin-flags logo is one of the most distinctive and meaningful marks in the watch industry. So it's really exciting it'll have primacy of place on our watch dials in future." When the logo - a combination of the Swiss and English flags, hence 'Swish' - was created in 2015, the plan was to move the brand name of Christopher Ward to the case-back and rotor arm. "Not only did the stylised version of the Swiss and English flags demonstrate the equally important dual heritage of the company," says Mike France. "But is also seemed to reinforce the contemporary nature of the business and our digital roots. And then the lawyers got involved." The legal team told Christopher Ward that because some high-profile - and litigious - Swiss watch brands could object to the use of the country's flag, it might be better to use the logo in a secondary role. "They advised us we'd win any legal challenge," says Mike. "But did we really want to be wrapped up in expensive legal red tape for years? So we decided the twin-flags logo as a support device to the Christopher Ward name for five years or so, by which time its usage would be irrefutably defined." From now on all new Christopher Ward watches will be 'Swish' only - and over the next 18 months, existing models will carry the emblem (which in 2017 was awarded a D&AD 'yellow pencil' award - the highest prize in graphics design). Marketing director Francesca Robinson, says: "The logo is a significant step in the evolution of the brand. It's instantly recognizable." "Emotions run high when CW's logo is discussed," says Mike. "And while some fans have never been happy with the left-aligned 'Christopher Ward', most people love the purity of the Swish emblem."
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