C60 300 Solaris 2023 LE for CW Aficionados group – Christopher Ward

The design of this limited edition C60 Solaris was created by the CW Aficionados social group on Facebook. The group suggested the specific design elements like the dial type, color, hands, and case back. Each feature was voted on and the design choice with the most votes won.

This C60 Solaris features a sunray dial that is yellow in colour with a touch of orange mixed in. The vibrant color of the dial can change from a flat yellow in low light to a more metallic look in bright light. You won’t mistake this Solaris with any other C60 Trident. As far as we know, this is the first sunray dial for the 3 generations of the C60. The sunray dial color is similar to the c6/C60 Kingfisher from 2010.

The black seconds hand with Trident counter-balance, light blue tip and small lollipop end came from the C60 600 model range. With some imagination, this represents the earth orbiting the sun. Well… maybe a lot of imagination!  The hour and minute hands are slightly darker than the standard C60 300 hands, and providing some extra contrast and readability in low light conditions.

The SOLARIS name proudly displays at the 6 o’clock position with the depth rating of 300m|1000ft in light blue just below. The black twin-flags Christopher Ward motif and white-on-black date at 6 continues the black design details with nice contrast to the yellow dial.

This is the first bespoke C60 300 since the model was introduced in 2022. All other design details like the 42mm stainless steel light-catcher case and black ceramic bezel are standard for the C60 300.

The group chose a solid case back design that would feature the group and watch name, as well as a design in the center. The first designs were an image of the sun but was missing something. A group member suggested a design with the sun but also include something that would represent the dive nature of the C60 Trident. The design team at Christopher Ward came up with a few suggestions for the case back and the group chose the final ‘sun and sea’ design with the sun rising/setting over the water.

Every good watch needs a catchy name. After a few suggestions, the name Solaris was suggested by a group admin and it instantly stuck and was approved by everyone. An awesome name for this sun-themed watch.

A minimum number of 25 buyers was required to make this design a reality. This is our second bespoke group watch and a previous attempt failed to get the required numbers. But the number of 25 buyers was quickly reached and we ended up with a total of 40!

This C60 Solaris not only is a fantastic watch but also shows a great group effort in a fun and friendly way. All of this would not have been possible without the great people at Christopher Ward of course. I can’t think of any watch manufacturer that can do these kind of bespoke watches in limited numbers.

Archived information and specifications from the CW website order page can be found here:

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