C60 Bronze with blue dial by Christopher Ward

This C60 by Christopher Ward was my first bronze watch. I never really liked bronze before because of its changing appearance with the patina. But that is really the main reason why these are liked so much by many watch enthusiasts.

This all changed for me after actually owning a bronze watch and see all the different kinds of case and bezel changes when the patina develops over time. And when you don’t like the look anymore, it is very easy to clean and make it look like brand new again.

This full bronze bezel is the most defining feature of this watch. It’s cool to see the patina form around the raised markers and numbers. Rubbing the top of the numbers and make them look a bit shiny enhances the look.

The blue dial color is nice but was a bit plain being all flat without any other details. The bronze colored hands area nice detail though and that’s what defines the watch as well.

There are many strap options and many leather, canvas and nato strap are a good match. CW did not offer a matching bracelet for this but there are some aftermarket options available.

This watch is no longer in my collection as I acquired another bronze watch from Christopher Ward. As you can see by the many pictures, this one sure got a lot of attention and certainly was not camera shy.


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