Christopher Ward Sale – January 2024


Christopher Ward usually has a sale twice a year (January and July) where they offer Nearly New watches and straps, as well as discontinued models at a nice discount. This sale started on January 3rd at around 14:00 GMT (9:00 EST). This is the 24 hour Preview sale they make available to their email subscribers.

Sales in the past often offered Nearly New watches at 30% off and discontinued models at 40% or even more discount. This sale didn’t have as many great deals as before. Nearly New of current models were at 20% discount. Older NN models had a larger discount ay 30 – 40% off.  Discontinued models are sold at 30% discount.

Nearly New watches usually are in nearly mint condition and may only have a few small marks, if at all. They are watches, straps and bracelets that have been returned, display models or others that have seen minimal use.

The best deals and most sought after watches can sell very quickly and you really have to be there at the right time. Discontinued models are moving a bit slower, of course depending on how many they have in stock. There are still some great deals on great models like the C65 Aquitaine Seagrass Green, C60 Chronograph (a.k.a BumbleBeast), blue and black C60 60 Pro and the retro C65 Chronograph.

The sale usually lasts for 2-3 weeks (or even longer) and new items are occasionally added. Find the sale listings here:

Did you find the watch you were looking for and got a great deal? Please share in the comments!


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