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  • C60 Graphite by Christopher Ward review

    Frank W


    This C60 Graphite was shipped last Friday and already arrived on Tuesday! I wanted to wear it for a few days to get a better feel feel for the watch before I posted anything about it.

    I wasn’t sure when I ordered this C60 Graphite. I liked it but it didn’t wow me at first. But as it was a limited edition for a really good price, I figured I may as well give it a shot. And it does not disappoint on the wrist in real life.

    The grey dial is a nice change from the usually black divers we see so many of. It is a nice shade of grey and is just right. The dial markers and hands have the same type of gunmetal finish as the case and this provides a nice contrast against the slightly lighter dial. The brushed matte black ceramic bezel was the right choice for this and is a nice change from the mostly shiny bezels on other C60 models. 


    The bezel ring is black as well and matches nicely with the black caseback. The Trident seconds hand has the same arrow tip as the C60 300 and a good choice for this style of watch.

    The Tide ocean material strap is a pleasant surprise. I used to have another Tide strap that was quite a bit thicker and more stiff on the wrist. This one feels and wears like a very nice material nato strap and is much more flexible. The grey and black color pattern is just right for the Graphite and the black buckle is a nice touch.

    The look and feel on the wrist is of a watch that doesn’t ask for attention but isn’t boring either. I thought the lack of any color would be a bit bland but the monochrome look is what makes it special. And you can add color and texture with any kind of strap if you prefer. The gunmetal bracelet is on the way and looking forward to see how that will look and wear on this C60 Graphite. 

    This watch can can be a bit tricky to photograph and usually looks better in real life. I am looking forward to wear it as often as possible and hopefully can share some better shots soon, especially outdoors if these gray and overcast winter skies allow. But the C60 Graphite fits in with the dark days of winter as well.

    All details and pictures from CW can be found here:





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