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What is horology? Definitions and interpretations

Frank W

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I looked around for several sources and explanations about the origin of the word and the meaning of 'horology'.

Word origin:

“hōra” from Greek, meaning hour or time in English.
"o" interfix
-logy" is a suffix in the English language, meaning ‘the study of”

Horology: the study of time

Definition of Horology

according to a reputable English and American dictionary:

Oxford English Dictionary

  • The study and measurement of time.
  • The art of making clocks and watches.


  • the science of measuring time
  • the art of making instruments for indicating time

Translations (using Google Translate)

French: horlogerie
Spanish: horología
Italian: orologeria
Japanese:  Horojī (ホロジー)
German: Uhrmacherkunst (clock maker art)

Instruments to measure time

Some examples of instruments that measure time are clocks, watches, clockwork, sundials, hourglasses, clepsydras, timers, time recorders, marine chronometers and atomic clocks

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