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T.C.C (The current collection)


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Cheers Frank.

I love the Ti C60 but its definitely style over function. The lume is appalling (to the point it actually doesn't have any that could be used to tell the time)

The SNZG Seiko 5 gets worn the most. Started wearing it to work (when I know I'm not doing major repairs) and find I tend to leave it on at weekends to.  £80 well spent, small "shake to wake" and its good to go. I've taken it off for 24 hours and it's still going strong when put back on,  and it's surprisingly accurate to. (gained about 50 seconds in last 3 weeks)  Also, change to brown leather strap and its instantly transformed. Could very easily be my one watch, if I ever hit hard times. 

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Nice collection! I just ordered the TI C60 you have there. The blacked out stealth just looks great. I hope it looks as good “in the flesh”. I was looking at the brand for a while and when I saw that the Mk3 was being released imminently and a few of the Mk2 models went out of stock I quickly placed an order - I love the hands!

The Casio calculator brings back some memories ? Were you ever tempted by the Casio infrared remote? ?


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Thanks McDaWisel,

I suspect you've ordered the newer version with the logo at 9pm not 12? 

Hopefully they've improved the lume on the newer ones. It's a great stealth watch tho and very light. It's the watch I chose to bring on a 4 day stag do in Poland recently so it obviously gets my approval.  

I had a friend at school that had the remote watch, it was very cool then but I still had a betamax video player with a lead attached to the remote so wouldn't of been much use to me. 

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The C60 GMT was the second CW bought and the first to arrive. It sparked my recent buying / selling sprees but is still a firm favourite and I can't ever envision selling it. 

(the photo doesn't do it justice either)

You're right, it's as good as it's ever likely to get with regards to logo. 

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