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New release: Christopher Ward C1 Moonglow

Frank W

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CW posted on FB about the upcoming release of the C1 Moonglow later this week on June 27th. It was shown in the current edition of Loupe as well. I never had a moonphase watch before and not sure about the practical use but still an interesting complication.




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I’ve also no practical need for a moonphase but this really fascinates me and from the glimpses it looks like no other moonphase I’ve seen.

I’ve spent some time researching the JJ03 movement and it seems like a beautifully simple yet elegant take on a moonphase. CW have their failings but I think they can be very proud of the JJ03.

It’s just a question of can I risk dropping about £1300 on a CW at present...

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And here it is..



It may be part of our premium dress watch family, but the C1 Moonglow is quite unlike anything else in the collection. The technical brilliance of Calibre JJ04, our in-house moonphase modification, is complemented by a blend of blend of smoked glass and ultra-bright Super-LumiNova, moving the Moonglow into a modern territory that few other moonphase watches dare to occupy.

The Moon has fascinated humankind for millennia; in the C1 Moonglow, that ancient allure has been captured in a truly modern watch. Calibre JJ04, our in-house moonphase modification, may have appeared in the CW Collection before, but never quite like this.






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Order from the US website and it is $1,935. Order from the UK website without VAT and it is £1,412.50 = $1,790 so $145 difference. Still much more than I would ever spend on a Ward. 

This is more like a collectors/novelty watch than something you would wear every day. Christopher's name on the dial doesn't help the clean and interesting design of the watch. Would look better if they would just engrave it on the bezel.

Video is now available:


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