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Seiko manufacture dates and serial numbers

Frank W

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I recently ordered and received an SKX009K2. We often read about alignment issues but I was surprised to see the hour hand was misaligned. I think Could live with a bezel or chapter ring that is not perfect but I can't handle hour hand misalignments. :)

So this one will be going back. However, it was interesting to see this SKX009 was manufactured in May 2019. I think they were officially discontinued earlier this year and was surprised to see such a late serial number. Just curious what the last month was when production finally ended.

The first digit of the serial number is the last digit of the year and the second digit is the month of manufacture (1-9 for January to September, 0 for October, N for November and D for December). This one is 959706 so May 2019.

It would be interesting to see when other SKX's were manufactured so please post about yours in this thread.




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A real shame about having to send it back because of that misalignment!

I’ll see what date my 007 was made when I get back home. 

Is this system also used for other Seiko’s? I’m currently wearing my Blue Lagoon Turtle ? which has the following two digits at the start: 71. Therefore, Jan 2017, which I think is about right - again I’ll check the paperwork later!

Photo of me wearing my BL Turtle for work today!



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4 hours ago, EddieTheBeast said:

Is this system also used for other Seiko’s?

I think it is used for most modern Seiko watches. I removed SKX from the thread title, any Seiko is welcome here. 

My SARW015 starts with 61 so January 2016.


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