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Alpina warranty repair by Stoll & Co review

Frank W

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I purchased an Alpiner 4 from Amazon 5 months ago and was working great for a few months. But after a while, it started to run slow and stopped running altogether. I sent it to Stoll & Co in Dayton, Ohio as they are the factory authorized repair center for Alpina in the USA.

Sent: March 15
Delivered: March 19
Returned: March 28
Received: March 30

I received an email from them saying they received the watch and would contact me if any additional information was needed. I was happy to see the watch was repaired and returned so quickly in under 10 days!

The repair note shows the watch received a basic service/repair, gaskets and joints were replaced and the watch was pressure tested. When completed, it was retruned by UPS 2-day service.

Service of watches can take a long time, especially in Europe so I am very impressed with Alpina and their authorized repair center Stoll & Co. They provide autorized service for many other brands as well and I wouldn't hesitate to send in any watch for service or repair.

This is not the first watch I had repaired under warranty. I also send in an Eterna watch for repair a year ago and had a similar experience. Very impressed!



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