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Welcome to Horology World

Frank W

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Welcome to the World of Horology!

Horology World is a new community site for horology enthusiasts that wants to do things differently. The goal is to combine the ease of posting and community feel of social media sites like Facebook and combine it with the functionality of advanced content software. There are enough forums already and HW doesn't want to be just another forum.

The site: owned and run by enthusiasts and not some large company whose only goals is making money. HW is not trying to compete with any forum or social media site. The goal is to provide a new experience, make content easier to share and combine the best of forums and social media. We listen and are looking for input from members.

Horology may sound a bit stuffy and is often used together with expensive and high-end mechanical watches. But originally, horology applies to any timekeeping device and the science of measuring time. So anything from an inexpensive mechanical watch to an atomic clock is welcome here.

Gallery: Share images of your timepieces by uploading to the site. No third party image sharing sites needed. Search and browse for the images you're looking for.

Collections and Reviews: Many of us are passionate about watches and want to share more information with others. This is the place to write a review or just keep track of watches you have in your collection.

Marketplace: Browsing to see what's for sale should be fun and easy. And posting a watch for sale should be easy as well. You can take pictures with your smart phone, create a new ad, upload the pictures, provide details of what you're selling and you're done in a few minutes. Browse to see what's for sale or was sold in the past is easy by using the filter.

Clubs: This section has similar functionality to Facebook groups or subreddits. Any member can start a new club which is a dedicated place for discussions and sharing images. Think of clubs for a certain watch brand or a specific genre (dive watches, pilot watches, British watches, mechanical clocks and so on). 

Forum: Many enthusiasts have their favorite forums or social media groups where they want to discuss their passion and hobby. HW is not trying to compete with any of these sites. And there are only a few sub forums as we think the Clubs will have more flexibility.

Mobile devices and desktop: The site works great on any size screen, from 30" computer display, a tablet and a smart phone. No need to use Tapatalk and seeing ads everywhere.

Social media integration: Many people already have a Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account. You can use that account to register with our site and become a member. You don't have to remember yet another login name and password. You can login to the site on any device when you're logged in to that social media account you're registered with.

Moderation: Nobody likes to be told what to do and not to do. But there must be a few basic rules to create a friendly community. Just be nice to each other, respect opinions from other enthusiasts and keep it family friendly. That's the terms of service in a nutshell. Be yourself, we encourage to use your real name (first name only if you prefer) and a picture of yourself. As on social media, many people prefer to deal with other real people instead of some unusual user name and avatar.

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Thanks to the members who signed up, checked out the site and gave feedback.   :thumbup: 

I have been tweaking and changing the site a bit in the last few weeks and see what works and what doesn't.

There now is a new Home page with a variety of content from the galleries, clubs, collections and reviews, member statistics, forums and items currently for sale in the marketplace. http://horology.world/

The Marketplace landing page has been updated to show all items that have been recently updated. You can select a watch or accessoiries category and filter by watch status like for sale or sold. http://horology.world/marketplace/

The landing page for Collections is now in a blog/article format. I usually create a gallery album for a single watch and a Colelctions entry with more information and reviews of watches. This can be a single watch or a range of watches like the C60 Trident in different colors, finishes and sizes. So it basically becomes a watch blog where any member can have their say, create reviews and show off their collection. http://horology.world/collections/

The Gallery landing page has some new content blocks and I have been slowly adding new pictures and albums. A few other member shave done so as well. A suggestion was made to create categories for a brand so it is easy to browse watches from a single manufacturer. http://horology.world/gallery/

The Forum now shows all topics in all forums on the landing page by default. In the side bar, you can select one or more sub forums to filter content.

I really like the mobile interface of this software and looks and works great on a tablet or smart phone. No Tapatalk needed and you still have all functionality, same as using it on a computer. WIth TT, you can usually only access forums.

Twitter and Google account linking have been added in addition to Facebook so you can use those accounts to use the site. No seperate user account and user name/password on HW needed. And if you're logged in on any device with your social nedia account, you can quickly log in to HW as well with one button click.

As mentioned, this a different site to enjoy our hobby and I have been slowly adding content. But I can't do it alone and it will only work with participation of others, otherwise you may as well start a blog or Youtube channel. Thanks again for your feedback. 

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Hi Frank, very sorry to read that your venture hasn't worked out. (Also feeling some what guilty for forgetting about the site not long after signing up.)

Any plans to launch a new venture?  

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Thanks Chris. It's understandable a new site is difficult for new members to engage, remain interested and coming back. It was worth a try and I enjoyed doing it. As mentioned, there are so many other social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and the main for-profit commercial forums like Watchuseek that makes it difficult to start something from scratch.

No plans for other ventures but that may change at any time.

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